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I still can't believe it, but monstakarotte  and my really got tickets for

LATERNEN JOE aka die ärzte's secret concert tour!!!!!!!


Major rambling about die ärzte & concerts...Collapse )
I won't even begin about how long my lj has been practically dead zone now... So I won't – but I do appologize for everyone on my f-list *bows*

Since my last entry – and shockingly it was back in January Ö.o – maaaany things happened in my life and in the world.

First and foremost the devastating happenings in Japan – my heart is with all the people there. When I first heard about the earthquake on Twitter an hour after the first quake, I was shocked to say the least. And when Tsunami and nuclear alarm followed, I honestly thought how similar everything seemed to the apocalypse – with all the damage comprimized into on state.

I know a few people living in Japan, and I'm just really glad that no-one of them got hurt. And - as supid and fangirl-driven as this sounds- I'm also really happy that no Johnny's member got hurt too.


I'm overwhelmed what the LJers have done so far in order to help the victims of the castastrophies.arashi_on  and help_japan  are an amazing example for what young people can do to really help – sooo much money was donated already, and it's still getting more.

Btw, if you're interested, I participated in offering my services too (but when I'm posting this, I'm afraid it'll almost me too late to bid -_-) Well, but I guess it's never too late to self-promote a bit >_< 

JE-LOGO pillowcase

Supernatural's Castiel pop-art-style on canvas


Of explosions and other strange happeningsCollapse )

OMG OMG OMG!!!  //*insert whatever word you think'd suit my current fangirly-mood best*

I just returned home, and the first thing I do is turning on my PC and writing this...(and I'm not even feeling guilty at all) XD
At this moment I cannot stop my feet from wriggling like mad (=in general my fangirlie-status is indicated by the movement of my toes...and in extrem cases my whole feet - as of now, my whole leg cannot hold still, so maybe you get an idea how squealy I am right now).

And the reason for all this is:



Because today monstakarotte and I visited kinki4ever39 at her home, who just returned from Japan a few days ago.
And not only is she a Johnny's fan AND lives in the same city as us, but she was even able to attend 2 KinKi Kids concerts (and one of it was the New Year-Koichi-Birthday one!!! T__T <-- me wants too...) and BOUGHT KINKI KIDS GOODS for us!!!!! (^________^)v

THANKS SOOO MUCH, YOU'RE AWSOME, [info]kinki4ever39 !!!!


My belated start into a New Year...

A new year has begun (*harrumph* 10 days ago... *chrm*) and it was really about time for my new entry - at least I can say I already broke my first New Year's resolution - still as lazy as ever XD

What to say??
Mmmh, in 2011 I have GREAT plans and some things hopefully change as I want them to, but whether or not I can put those plans into effect is still very unclear as of yet.
The only thing I DEFINITELY want to achieve this year is to fly to Japan again (with monstakarotte this December ^^) - so no obsessive internet idol shopping anymore (it's hard to overdcome the temptation, but I do my best!!!)

Speaking of Elli, I have to post a few photos of her AWSOME (Christmas/New Year?) Presents for me!! *______* (WARNING: pic spam of endlicheri-doom) - and Elli - I LOVE YOU!!! YOU'RE BRILLIANT!!!!!

Elli made me a crochet-Endlicheri O__O I still don't understand how she did this- I have no clue about crocheting myself. And what I find even more peculiar is that she only used the crochet work as a wrap for the other presents - a mobile-strap (sooo cute!!), a bracelet (soo pretty!!!), a key-chain (with bell ^^), a little endlicheri-figure (^___^), a pin and a KinKi Kids family magnet (*____*)

AAAAAA~ND the Awsomeness still doesn't stop yet!!!
On top of the great self-made ENDLICHERI☆ENDLICHERI merchandise, she gave me a self-made SMAP CALENDER *____*
We always complain how unfair it is that only the younger groups get a calender - to be honest I never thought about making one myself - THANKS SOOO MUCH ELLI!!!!

Every calender page is sooo pretty, I had a hard time to decide which months to post a picture from... 
First Birthdays of the Year and random other things...Collapse )

Christmas, Presents and meme-time ^_^

Oh, it's a shame this is my first entry after Christmas...I really wanted to post this earlier because basically I just write about my Christmas...*sigh*

or rather: Happy last days of 2010!!!  

Christmas & Presents...Collapse ) DUMP-DO-MARRY - the meme!!Collapse )


 Random other things:
~yesterday I've bought a new shelf for my Johnny's CDs and DVDs - somehow my general CD shelf doesn't have enough space for all of them anymore, so I separated the Johnny's from the rest XD It's still pretty empty, bu hopefully I can change that >_<
~btw, I loooove do-it-yourself-stuff like putting shelfs or other pieces of furniture together completely by myself

~I just started waching Star no Koi with Tsuyopon - it's sooo cute (and I love him acting the role of a nice but totally oblivious person - it feels like him somehow XD) - I think I really have to catch up with the other SMAP members' dramas (=not only Kimura's)

~Somehow I failed to mention anything about the We are SMAP DVD until now *dai fail* BUT PLEASE BELIEVE ME, I ♥ IT!!!! I CANNOT STOP WATCHING - as I write this, I'm watching the 2nd disc for the xxxth time already ^^
(no screenshots because I didn't watch it on my Computer -_-)
Honestly, this has to be the most awsome concert I've ever seen!!! I cannot even begin to fangirl, because everything was sooo amazing *.* 
Tsuyopon's solo was one of the most epic events in history, I swear! 
And the Bang Bang Vacance with Kimura vanishing in the closet while Tsuyopon pops out!! XD Hilarious!!!
And I really loved this Celery-version too ^^!!
AND KIMURA...*dies everytime he gets a close up*
Shingo and Tsuyopon's duet OMG OMG OMG - THE AWSOMENESS!!!!!
Nakai in a pink PAJAMA!!!...maa, too bad his Michael Jackson performance wasn't included u.u  

Ok, ok, I stop now, I really do - and I'm really sorry for my long meaningless rambling m(__)m

[SCANS] WE ARE SMAP DVD booklet scans!!!

Although technically I won't get my SMAP DVD before Christmas, I could steal it just long enough to have a little look at it (and scan the booklet in the process...) XD
I just thought there may be some who'd like to get the scans - although it isn't really much >_<

~scanned at 600dpi~


~9 pages concentrated SMAP power ^_^

MF (33,29MB)

And as always:
No need to credit me (but I'd still be happy if you did) and please feel free to share the scans - spread the love &hearts; XD
And comments are ♥ (^__^)v


At last some random dodo-stuff
~Have I already mentioned how much I envy everyone who was able to watch the WE ARE SMAP Con yet????
Maaa...monstakarotte  just showed me a glimpse of it today, and I had to literally drag myself away from the TV screen (after all, I didn't come for watching the DVD, we had a mission to complete LOL) and went for present-hunting into some shopping malls (our hometown seems to harbour the biggest number of shopping malls in middle Europe or something...ö.O)

~Btw, I've finally found a suitable pink piece of clothing for tomorrow's Birthday theme Party with pink as dress code - although it cannot really be counted as pink after all; more beige-light-rosé or something... But I really like it, mainly because monstakarotte said it reminded her of Tsuyo's latest...dress-like shirt in Domoto Kyoudai ^_____^ (<--- can you imagine my smile???)



Today ~finally~ my Yesasia order arrived ♥ ♥ ♥ !!!!

This means finally I'm (as good as) owner of the WE ARE SMAP DVD as well as the 20th Century single "ore ja nakya, kimi ja nakya" (= probably my all-time-favourite Song of 20th century and V6 too XD) and...ENDLICHERI☆ENDLICHERI's "sora ga naku kara"
Somehow I've become a huu~ge Tsuyo solo fan...how??? I can't help it - I just looooove his music ^^ (even the really weird stuff he does - like 15 minutes band sessions or strange experimental songs I cannot even describe properly O.o )

But technically I don't get the SMAP DVD and the Tonisen single before Christmas - T_T which means another 4 days of waiting...mememeeee
>(u.u)< (ok, I still had a look at them...secretly XD)

But at least I could keep keri-san's single ♥ and I have to say: it is AWSOME!!!! I just listened to it twice, but I love it already - I really have to catch up on his solo stuff...

On another note: I'm really worried for monstakarotte's and my other order - the KinKi family~ singles.
Although they should have arrived sometime last week, they are still due while the later order already arrived??! What to do now?? (+__+)

WARNING: random fangirling and...anime-relapse?! O.oCollapse )


I already suspected something like this, but time really flies, doesn't it????
I'm sure just the other day there was Kimura-kuns birthday, and now there's already Goro-chan's??? >(@.@)<

I really wish Goro a wonderful birthday (even if it's already over in Japan XD). After all, my favourite poodle-hair just turned 37 - and he's still soooo handsome *.*

From Channel SMAP (and even before from monstakarotte LOL) I heard that today he and Shingo showed up in the SMAP shop acting as sales people XD I'm so envious of everyone who managed to go there and were able to congratulate him personally (!)

All Hit Songs 2010 -SMAP...Collapse )
Birthday again...Collapse )



Because last week somehow my sewing machine was aching for me...I kinda couldn't withstand and made something ^_^
And I think it's no surprise that I ♥ KinKi's new single "family~ひとつになること~....

Somehow I love self-made Johnny's merchandise (like monstakarotte 's portraits of SMAP and KinKi Kids - I adore your wall, Elli XD). And I really like KinKi's new logo, so I tried copying it and made a pillow from white, fluffy fabric and stiched the orange logo on it. But the orange logo was sooo hard to make...I nearly gave up on drawing it at first, then the stiching was so straining - I think I needed about 2 hours just for the heart/note thingy...but the sewing of the pillow itself was done so fast (max. 10 minutes of work ^^)
Nevertheless atm I'm working on some more self-made pseudo-merchandise products again XD Maybe I could use them as Christmas presents??) 


Btw, when I looked out of my window today, it was snowing heavily...(meeee...that means it's coooold ~.~) But however cold it may be, it looked really nice, so I thought I'd take a few pictures of our garden. ^^

It's a shame it's dark outisde already, by now there's much more snow than you can see on the photos from this afternoon (now there should be around 20cm o.o)

Finally I have the Christmas spirit as well - and I've thought about making an i-tunes "Xmas Johnny's Songs List". So now I am looking for songs to put on said list...
But I cannot think of much - so, if you have any suggestions, I'd be really grateful!!

...with our infamous Leader Myspace Comments
(after years looking like it anyway) - how could I ignore such a historic event???


I really hope to see him being as dorky, retarded, TOKIO-ish, su~per stylish, cute and - last but not least - just being LEADER (yes,the word leader can also be used as an adjective, sue me XD) in his fourties as well ^.^

Maybe Johnny's will finally pay him his own elderly nurse now (as TOKIO requested for one so many times until now without success LOL)


BTW, if you're interested, I've got "All Hitsongs 2010" from Japan where you can find the lyrics including music sheets and chords of nearly every released Japanese song this year (and actually there are many older ones too).

To celebrate Leader's birthday some more, I tried to scan the TOKIO songs music sheets for this memorial day (^_-) which are "Taiyo to sabaku no bara" and "sorafune".
But because the whole book really looks like a telephone book I had quite some troubles with scanning those - so the margin may be a bit cut off, but I think it's still usable (well, if you can read Japanese, that is XD)



Yesterday I listened to the full version of KinKi's Family~ひとつになること~ for the first time in Donnamonya - I don't even know how to express how much I this song!!
It's so beautiful~ I could cry again right now on the spot just from thinking about it, because it's too beautiful~~ aaah... I already loved the short version, but the full vers. <3<3<3<3<3  >>君がいるから<< - >>僕がいるから<< TT_TT

#Somehow lately I'm in drawing mood again (after...like...2 years??) and started drawing little chibi Johnny's everywhere LOL But the only ones I got to look somewhat recognizable are KinKi after all XD My drawing abilities should actually be officially prohibited of being called an "ability" haha -
#I'm really looking forward to watching Tacky & Tsubasa in Bistro SMAP ^^ SMAP and their kohai never fails to amuse me (ok..there's hardly anything concerning SMAP I do not love to watch -_-)
#aaaand university's being a bitch once again ~ why do you hate me so much, oh criminal laaaw~ *drama pose*

LEADER-GIF credits go to the creator (sorry, no clue where I got it from...-_-)